Sex Tapes

Lindsay Lohan Sextape
This tape is from a cell phone of Lindsay Lohan giving a blowjob to her former boyfriend, Calum Best. Best is the man in the photo, and its not the first time he’s saved an intimate moment on camera. Bad boy Best has a history of taking photos and videos of women using his cell phone.
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Paris Hilton Sextape
She is not the most beautiful, just hot and trashy, and we love that combo. Its almost hard to believe how good Paris Hilton is to us. We have about 200 amazing new videos, Paris naked, Paris with illegal substances, and on and on. This girl parties. It must be because Paris has been hanging out with Britney that she “did it again”!!! Wow!
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Britney Spears Sextape
Finally we have got the Britney and Kevin sextape. Watch her suck that cock, she is a champion. First he says there is a tape, then she says that there is a tape, then she says that there isn’t a tape. Then these tapes are leaked. Is it Britney, is it Kevin? Are both tapes real or is only one real? Take a look and decide for yourself!
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Keeley Hazell Sextape
Keeley Hazell, the UK’s hottest Page 3 girl, and FHM’s runner up in the sexiest women in the world has had a home made sex tape leaked and we have a beautiful copy just for you.
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Pamela Anderson Sextape
Pamela Anderson may not have started celebrity sextapes but she sure made them popular. From the original sextape to yesterday when she was walking her dog, if she show anything then we have it.
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